While the debut episode of Sony’s State of Play presentation divided on what to expect from these information drops, the official PlayStation Blog has announced that Episode 2 will be going LIVE on May 9th at 3PM Pacific!!

Here’s what was teased for this weekend’s episode:

  • An extended look at the MediEvil Remake!
  • The reveal of a brand new game!
  • Plus other PlayStation announcements and updates.
  • They also confirmed there will be NO information regarding their next-gen plans.
  • It’ll be around 10-minutes in length.
  • Confirmed a 3rd episode for later this year.
  • There is a rather significant difference between the Western version of this State of Play when compared to the Japanese version. While the rest of us will be receiving 10-minutes of content our Japanese Brahs will be getting close to 15 minutes of content. These additional minutes could be games that only appeal to Japanese Gamers or price-cuts that would only impact the land of the rising sun. IF there is any major differences, we will make sure to cover it!

So keep those expectations in check, but hey..nothing wrong with being excited for the show on Thursday, Brah!!