Despite mixed reviews and only being on the market for 3 days, Bend Studio’s Days Gone has claimed the #1 overall spot of the UK’s boxed games charts ending this past week!

Sony has had mostly hit after hit with their Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studio titles this generation and Days Gone continues that impressive streak. Even though it did 27% less than what God of War launched at around this time last year, this is still impressive due to the fact that it is a brand-new IP without any sort of fandom to back it.

It also ‘comfortably’ outsold Mortal Kombat 11 which had a impressive debut on the PS4. Raiden and Friends sold 71% of it’s stock on Sony’s current-gen console.

Congratulations to Bend Studio on what looks like a potential major hit for the Oregon studio! Stay tuned for our review in the coming weeks.

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