Over a year ago, we were introduced to Konrad the Kitten, your virtual pet you never knew you needed. Being able to help Konrad care for his kittens at night as well as taking care of him with love and making sure he stayed healthy. But with the new update, things look to be getting interesting for Konrad as someone has dropped a basket full of kittens right on the doorstep of where Konrad lives. So it will be up to you to take care of all the little kittens as each will have their own needs.

But what will you do when you have some kittens that are hungry, get lost or who knows what kittens will get into when they are wide awake. But that’s not all, this time there is a new world for you to explore called Snow Valley. And as you guessed it, snow will be a big change for Konrad who just may become curious as the kittens themselves. But do you have what it takes to help Konrad? Find out now with Konrad’s Kittens for the PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…