You might remember at the beginning of this generation that many analysts predicted it would be the ‘end’ of console gaming as mobile gaming would eventually take over the gaming world.

Fortunately for us that did not happen. While we can’t speak for Xbox One numbers, the Playstation 4 family of consoles are well on their way to having sold 100 million+, making it Sony’s third console to do so.

During their Fiscal Year report ‘$ony’ had plenty of positive news to share with the world.

  • PS Now subscribers are now at 700,000+, a 40% increase in total subs.
  • Sony SHIPPED 17.8 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide this past fiscal year.
  • They expect to ship 16 million consoles this fiscal year.
  • They shipped over 256.7 million units of software, which an all-time PlayStation record.
  • Gaming profits are up 75% YoY for the PlayStation brand.

Impressive year for our favorite gaming brand. Furthermore Sony confirmed one more interesting nugget of information that many expected: The PlayStation 5 will NOT release in the next fiscal year which runs March 2019 to April 2020.

What does that mean? You have PLENTY of time to for your lemonade stand to net you thosePS5 profits for Sony’s next-gen console.