With only 3 days to go before release the Days Gone hype train is chugging along, crushing any Freakers that dare enter its path.

Today we’ve assembled any of the latest Days Gone trailers you might have missed from the past few days as Sony charges ahead with the force of their marketing behind Bend Studio’s project.

Maybe you missed the unique Japanese trailer for the game starring 2BRO.??

Or how about the ‘Countdown to launch’ trailer which reminds you that the game goes live at 12PM EST?

You probably saw the ‘World of Days Gone’. It does a great job describing to someone who has no clue about the game what it’s all about. Really a BRAHsome trailer with John Garvin, Creative Director at Bend Studio, telling you information about Days Gone.

Need 31 more seconds of visceral gameplay? Then this short but bloody trailer is for you.

We ain’t done yet!! Did you that Bend Studio has been creating games at PlayStation for 25 years?? Learn all about the Oregon-based studio in this trailer.

ONE MORE TRAILER!! If you thought Deacon’s bike isn’t a major focus of the game, then you’re wrong, Brah! This 3-minute trailer explains how it’s a key part of the gameplay.

April 26th, Brah. Exclusively on the PS4. ARE YOU READY?!?