This might be one of the best deals around, but you may have to put in a little bit of drive time depending on your area, but it looks like you can get a PlayStation VR for around $149 – $169 right now and the price is the same with or with out a bundle that would include the PlayStation Move controllers.

To check on this deal, you can go to this SKU link and do the following:

  1. Click on SKU Finder and put in PlayStation VR.
  2. Put in your zip code.
  3. Check inventory.
  4. See if a Walmart near you has it in stock.
  5. Go…go now and be lucky.

Keep in mind that Walmart may still have the full price of the item, but ask them to scan it.

Direct link to the Skyrim bundle.

Direct link to the DOOM VFR bundle.

Direct link to the Superhot VR + Creed: Rise to Glory bundle.

But this is awesome if you can get this deal and with the upcoming PlayStation 5 that the PlayStation VR current headsets will be compatible with, you can’t really beat this deal or pass on it.