There you are all immersed with PlayStation VR playing your favorite game and just enjoying the escape. But have you ever wanted to stop and be able to smell what was around you? Imagine playing Skyrim VR and being able to smell the burning or playing a zombie game and being able to feel the heat as it’s burning or maybe you just want to be able to smell what may be cooking. Well, soon you will be able to have this reality in your Virtual Reality. Right now on Kickstarter, the Feelreal mask will allow you to do all of these things and more.

Imagine smelling barbecue or in the heat of battle and smelling the gunpowder or walking through a forest and being able to smell everything around you.

But not only being able to smell but feel the vibrations as you enter the boxing ring or even find special tracks on YouTube VR or even create your own experiences. By adding a combination of scents based on the VR experience, this could possibly be the next step in Virtual Reality immersion on the PlayStation VR.

You can back this Kickstarter now.

Until then…please enjoy…