Horror can stir up the most intense emotions in a person. Clod Studio is ready to push those emotions to the limit in a unique horror game called Dreadful Bond. Played in first person where the story is told by shadows and sound the main character is an unknown surrounded by mystery. The task at hand is to uncover the truth while you explore the abandoned Wharton Manor without losing your mind. After watching the short film and Kickstarter introduction video it is clear the atmosphere for the game will be dark with a supernatural feeling.

The visuals appear fantastic in black and white as the shadows cascade from the walls that were actually captured by shooting real actors movements. The objects throughout the game are also captured by using the photogrammetry technique from various locations around Italy. You will surely come across creepy visuals but the sound in Dreadful Bond is eerily amazing as well. Let’s be honest, without great audio it is difficult to set the mood in a horror game. Here we have something done the right way.

Dreadful Bond is currently being developed for the PC but is also looking at the PlayStation if the stretch goal is met. This is definitely one game I hope finds its way to consoles. With Dario Argento the “Master of Horror” on board its hard to envision nothing but a horror success.

Some of the rewards include Digital copies, name in credits, art books, your name added on a collective memorial plaque in the cemetery and even your face in the game as a spooky ancient painting! Check out the amazing rewards they have to offer on their Kickstarter page here Dreadful Bond on Kickstarter.

Check out “For Bridget” a short film done exactly how the game will look.