All these patents that are popping up for the PlayStation VR that could be version 2.0 are becoming really interesting and exciting. This time it looks to be as the next variation of PlayStation VR could be one of the most exciting ones. When the first PlayStation VR model CUH-ZVR1 came out in 2016, it had a thicker cable with no HDR passthrough. Sony made the adjustments with the newer model CUH-ZVR2 that has the HDR pass through within the processor unit and added built-in headphones along with a thinner cable. But the one thing in common is the cable that is tied from the headset to the PlayStation. I for one never had a problem with the cable nor has my PlayStation ever fallen because of the cable.

But the newest patent seems to maybe correct this by going wireless and it looks like a new processor unit could contain what is needed for the communication between the PlayStation VR headset and the PlayStation itself. With newer VR headsets such as Windows Mixed Reality headsets and the upcoming HTC Cosmos, Oculus Quest and S that do inside-out tracking with no sensors, it will be very interesting to see what the next variation of PlayStation VR will be.