Who’s ready for some more Ratchet & Clank? According to Insomniac Games, before the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man, the Ratchet & Clank PS4 Remake/Movie-in is the company’s best-selling game ever.

It reviewed rather well and we all know it made a crapload of moola for Insomniac, so how about a sequel?? Well it seems like Mr. Ex-Kinda Funny guy Colin Moriarty might have dropped a hint about that “fairly substantial PS4 exclusive” he mentioned recently.

In the latest episode CLS: Knockback at the 1:14:40 mark Colin talks about his PS2 memories, which included the R & C series. He soon began talking about the latest incarnation and causually mentions “And you haven’t seen the last of Ratchet & Clank on the PS4.”

Is this the second party exclusive he mentioned this year? Are we really going to get more R & C action on the PS4?? I sure as hell hope so! A brand-new game continuing from the Future trilogy on the PS3 or another remake of the old school games, the PlayStation Nation will take it!