Update: Yuuuuup. It was all true. Get ready to kick Calypso Twin ass on September 13th! Until then, watch this new trailer!

Borderlands fans have received a plethora of news and content since Gearbox Software’s PAX 2019 press conference, as they announced Borderlands 3 with more news planned for tomorrow, April 3rd.

Except it already leaked. Tonight. OOPS. How about box art of 4 different versions of the game??

I don’t even want to know how much that ‘Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition’ is going to cost considering it comes with a REPLICA CHEST!!!

When will you be able to FINALLY play Borderlands 3? How about…September, as in September 13th of THIS year?!? Thank you, leaked YouTube ad!

The official Borderlands Twitter account even poked fun at the whole situation.

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