A Horde Too Many is a game we can really sink our teeth in…we are not the horde I promise. The small Indie developer Digitality Studios based in Portugal is working on a side-scrolling Post-Apocalyptic RPG with survival, base building and tower defense gameplay.

In the game you will need to craft items from supplies and upgrade your abilities if you are to survive the brain eating zombies. With a party combat system and four fully customizable characters there is plenty of choices to satisfy you. Gather survivors and pick your team that will fight alongside you during these difficult times.

Something that stood out to me in A Horde Too Many is your base camp. Managing a base camp and actually having to defend it sounds awesome. The 2-D art style had me from the beginning but learning about the progression of the characters, building a base camp, gathering resources, managing resources, crafting weapons/armor and the sweet action of kicking zombie ass has me hooked. This isn’t going to be Days Gone, this is going to be something completely different and I like what I am seeing so far from this developer.

Check out some of the game features:

  • SURVIVE through the daily challenges of a post-apocalyptic world
  •  BUILD a safe haven for your expanding group of survivors
  •  EXPLORE the vast wastelands through nine deadly environments
  •  PROTECT your base against endless hordes of undead and living threats
  •  COLLECT dozens of characters with unique weapons, skills and fighting styles
  •  CRAFT new weapons, armor and contraptions to take on tougher challenges
  •  UPGRADE your defenses and expand your camp by finding and spending supplies
  •  CUSTOMIZE your team of bad-asses to fit your playstyle and strategies
  •  MANAGE your resources and decide who gets to live another day
  •  GROUP UP and face dangerous missions controlling up to four survivors at once
  •  TEAM UP with your friends and face the world of A Horde Too Many in Co-op Mode
  •  CHALLENGE yourself in a time-trial competitive Action Survival Mode 

Watch the trailer below.

Go check out the Kickstarter page and see all the awesome rewards you can get by supporting the devs here A Horde Too Many Kickstarter.

The game will release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch if the stretch goals are met. If you love Indie games then this is definitely one to think about supporting.