The Witcher III is considered by many Gamers this generation to be one of the top 5 games released since current-gen consoles launched in late 2013. The overwhelming success of Geralt’s final adventure helped propel CD Projekt RED to the top of the gaming development mountain, as we patiently await their next major AAA game.

With CPR’s Cyberpunk 2077 moving closer to completion as time goes by, they’re getting ready to once again amaze the Gaming world with an all-new look at the game along with a potential release date and hell, considering they’re wanting to release TWO AAA projects by 2021, a tease of their second project at E3 2019.

Knowing this, CPR’S CEO Adam Kicinski commented during the company’s financial results meeting that E3 2019 will be the ‘most important’ in the history of the company. He also agreed that E3 is a great place to announce release dates for titles. He then revealed that over according to their data, over 250 million people have seen information regarding Cyberpunk 2077. DAMN.

If interested, you can watch the full financial results here.

What do YOU want to see out of CD Projekt RED at E3 2019? If we’re able to get hands-on with you best to believe we will be telling you ALL about it!