Never mind! Temporary price that lasted maybe 8 hours. Plus no price drop announcements during the State of Play show. Bummer.

Gaming subscription services are all the rage right now. Google entered the fray last week when they announced Google Stadia, the ‘ultimate’ streaming service. With rumors of Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Verizon wanting a piece of the gaming streaming pie, it looks as if Sony might be making a pre-empitive strike to up their numbers for PlayStation Now with this amazing deal.

As of this moment, Amazon unexpectedly dropped the price of the 12-month PlayStation Now subscription from $99.99 to the jaw-dropping price of $59.99!

This has us wondering. Did Amazon accidentally let a State of Play announcement out of the bag? Is this Sony’s answer to Stradia? With Sony’s online event just hours away, we should have answers this afternoon.

Has this price drop influenced you to subscribe to PS Now?