When Gran Turismo Sport released in October 2017, the game lacked the wealth of content to compared to past Gran Turismo games.

Thankfully the teams at Polyphony Digital have given Gamers over 110 cars and 33 tracks since launch. The best part? Don’t expect these (almost) monthly updates to end anytime soon.

In an interview with GT Planet, Series Creator Kazunori Yamauchi explained how gaming has changed over the years and how a constant barrage of content is more “natural”.

Yes, we have no intention of stopping those updates and additional content for the game. I think nowadays we are no longer in the era where you hold on to the new cars and tracks that you create for the next title, and you save it all for your release. I don’t think we work that way any more. Now it is sort of like being on Spotify or the iTunes Store; I think it is more natural to have new additional cars and tracks added to the store as they are ready to go.

The best part? The KAZ has since taken to Twitter to announce a NEW Update is arriving next week, with 5 new rides!!

Gran Turismo Sport really IS the racer that keeps on giving! Which cars would you like to see added in the game?