Eternity: The Last Unicorn lets you play as Aurehen an elf that is given the responsibility of saving…you guessed it, the last unicorn. You find out very early on this isn’t going to be a title that is going to blow you away with graphics. The last gen graphics (more like PS2 if we’re being honest) isn’t the key feature of the game anyways. The title is set to rely on its fantasy RPG style and thrill us with an intriguing story line or so I thought. Let’s go over some of the controls of the game first before we dive into the story.

The controls for Eternity: The Last Unicorn are problematic and are heightened by the awful camera angles in the game. For the most part all the game requires is for you to button mash. Think of any hack n slash game just not as fun. During combat you will get a prompt that allows you to instant kill an enemy but I found this left you open to attacks far too often. You can build up a special attack that packs quite the punch but yet again this will still get you hit and in critical situations it will become infuriating. You also have quick access slots that are controlled by the D-pad for such things like healing or curing poison. A major issue with this is the unresponsive controls of the game. For your primary buttons you have a light attack, heavy attack and a dodge button. None of this matters though if you can’t perform the attacks in a timely manner. Add the camera angle that will hide you behind enemies and it’s a recipe for disaster. Can you look past this? Sure why not but when you die in a boss fight because you couldn’t see which way to move and then have to watch the cut scene again (Which you cannot skip by the way) well…it isn’t a good thing.

In the game you also get to play as Bior who actually is kind of a jerk in the game. I didn’t like him and I surely didn’t care to play as him in the game. He can block with his shield which never worked for me so again I had to jump out of the way of incoming attacks. Another issue that drove me crazy was when a cluster of enemies would spawn in they would hit me before even being fully spawned. I had no chance to react it was just an immediate hit and this is crucial with the lack of health you have in the game. Picking up items or opening chests didn’t even feel right. It all felt clunky and a complete mess. There are so many issues with the controls in this game it probably isn’t worth your time reading about them any longer. They are bad, it’s that simple.

If the developer is going for Nostalgia with this title then they way overreached with it. I can forgive graphics as I love old school indie titles that take me down memory lane. This isn’t it though. This took me down a bad trip that I wanted off and in hurry. There is zero voice over acting in this game and I can overlook this if the dialogue is decent. That is where the game falls short on another level. The talking between characters never felt fluid and the stilted dialogue was awful in most cases. I never could understand why Bior was so rude to Aurehen when all she wanted to do was help him. Even when you would run into a merchant or another character in the game I didn’t want to waste my time reading their baffling stories. The game simply lacks any heart when it comes to the story. All it wants is to give you a narrative so you can go from point A to point B in order for you to locate a key item. So basically you run around looking for things to put together in order to open doors and pathways. This is all done so you can open more pathways in order to find and fight the evil guys.

There was seriously some disconnect with the RPG elements in this game. Do you level up? Yes you do. Does it matter? It certainly didn’t feel as if it mattered much. You can craft items but I didn’t even find myself doing it that often. Yes you have to craft some items in order to proceed but you couldn’t even craft these items on the fly. No you had to go all the way back to a certain place in order to craft. Why? This type of game should have allowed you to learn crafting and then use it as you see fit. So much backtracking in this game, so, so much backtracking. The game is very challenging, perhaps for all the wrong reasons but this could intrigue some. Honestly some of the boss fights were pretty cool but the camera angles and unresponsive controls took away any fun. Eternity: The Last Unicorn isn’t worth wasting any more time on describing the mess that it is.


The saddest part of it all is that I was genuinely excited to play this game. I enjoy fantasy RPGs and I knew going in the graphics were lackluster. I can get over those types of things quickly. However, I will need a good story with fun combat even if it is simplistic. Give me worthwhile RPG elements, great music, epic battles! Something! The nostalgia of the game does give some satisfaction but it wears off after a while. The boss battles help salvage it at times (Even if the horrible controls try to ruin it) and I could see those wanting a challenge trying this out. Unfortunately I could never recommend playing this game. If the in game flaws do not drive you mad the crashes will.

A review copy of this game was provided for the PlayStation 4.

Rating: 2.5 out 10