For those that have visited the Wasteland of Pandora, you know it can be a bad place. A place full of enemies that really could not care about you. But you did what you could and you fought the good fight. But some how…some way there has been this small part you wish was present. Sure you can go all in with that DualShock 4 controller, but you want to feel that gun in your hand. Now your wish has been granted.

New patch features include:

  • Aim Controller Support – Borderlands 2 VR now allows you to use the Aim Controller.
  • The option for swapping sticks, buttons or both is now available. So if your left handed or just switch it, then do it.
  • The option to make movement relative to the gun or the head is available. If your movement is Head relative, pushing forward on the control stick will move you based on where you’re looking.
  • Improved Scope – Performance on the scope has been improved and it is now a much larger view.
  • Crosshairs Toggle – turning them on and off has never been so rewarding.
  • Scope Toggle – don’t like a giant window in your face as you scope…then turn it off.

Bug fixes:

  • Vault Symbols – Vault symbols should now appear correctly

So what are you waiting for? Borderlands 2 VR is out now for PlayStation VR.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy…