Originally revealed back at E3 2016, Days Gone looked insane. Fighting the Horde of 100’s of Freakers had Gamers going crazy for the potential scenarios the game could make for some BRAHsome gameplay moments.

One problem. Many thought the main character, Deacon St. John, came off as a cold, generic, Biker dude who enjoyed talking to himself. He wasn’t exactly relatable and someone you might have wanted to spend 30 hours playing as. Worry not, as Bend Studio took notice of this feedback, altering Deacon to make him more relatable and not so cliched.

As the Days Gone World Preview Tour came to a conclusion, hands-on impressions from those who spent time with the noticed that Deacon was more rounded and realistic, in part thanks to feedback from the gaming community.

While speaking with Polygon, Director Jeff Ross explained some of the changes to Deacon’s personality.

We got it from everyone. Just the way some of the lines were read or the way they were written. We’ve refined some of the rougher edges, where he may not have come off as the most relatable character.

Writer John Garvin also chimed in Deacon’s new attitude and their goal Deacon.

We worked really hard on making Deacon’s character realistic. It wasn’t about trying to make him likable. We wanted him to grow over the course of the story, and you have to start him someplace, so he can end up someplace else.

In the early development of Days Gone, we didn’t realize how long the player would spend with this character before he starts regaining his humanity. Nobody is willing to spend eight hours with somebody they don’t like. This was just part of us learning and growing as developers of an open world.

Will these refinements in Deacon’s character help the overall narrative for Days Gone? Find out in 50 days when it releases exclusively on the PS4.