As we have seen before just because a video game is great doesn’t always mean it’ll translate to film. I admit there are some that people dislike but I find rather enjoyable myself. It hasn’t been an easy road for Hollywood to travel down but that doesn’t mean they should stop. With that said, here are 5 old ass games I think should make it to the big screen.

Ninja Gaiden


This series started way back in October of 1988 and stars Ryu Hayabusa as the main protagonist. The game was known for its cool Ninja moves and the high degree of difficulty. Ninja Gaiden could go in so many directions with a movie. Preferably it would keep to the story as we find Ryu searching for Jaquio after Ken Hayabusa goes missing. Perhaps a more Indiana Jones type movie but with a bad ass Ninja. Ryu could find himself in all sorts of predicaments on his journey.

Now this pick might annoy some folks but this is the actor I would have picked long ago. Brandon Lee would have made a great Ryu and with his martial arts prowess displayed in such movies like Rapid Fire and Showdown in Little Tokyo he could certainly pull off the moves. Brandon also displayed his acting chops in the 1994 when he did a little movie called The Crow. In my opinion he was coming into his own as an actor before his life was sadly cut short. In the end we will never know and I doubt we will ever see this movie come to fruition, but we can always dream.



Oh, who remembers the unforgiving game of Contra? Released in the 80’s I think this game should get a movie makeover set in the time of tough guys and testosterone fueled dialogue. Yes the 80’s would be a perfect setting for this game and could feature guerilla warfare that would be reminiscent of the movie Predator. Here we would see two commandos battling their way through hellish combat in order to destroy the enemy forces. This movie would have it all. Big explosions, hordes of bad guys, over the top action sequences and a big ass alien to defeat at the end. Seriously all the action fans would be in line opening night for this, wouldn’t we?

But who could play two such tough guy characters and give us all those corny one liners we love? How about Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch? I’ll confess I enjoy both of these actors on screen and did you ever see Mr. Skarsgard in Tarzan? Wow. I think he can pull off the action hero running through a jungle pretty well. His counterpart Kitsch is an underrated actor in my opinion but if you need proof he can pull off the one liners then go watch John Carter (Still waiting on the sequel). Let us not forget they have already appeared in a movie together as well so the chemistry could still be there. What you didn’t like Battleship either? Tough crowd. I say drop these two off in a jungle right now Tropical Thunder style and let’s see what happens.



Wait are you serious with this one? Why yes reader I am very serious with this pick. Released in 1986 Rygar was one of the first games I thought to myself, “What in the hell is that thing?” this game had so many weird creatures and such a crazy plot I had no idea what I was playing at the time and I loved every second of it. I envision a fantasy type game set in the future after things have changed quite drastically. The land of Argool is ruled by Ligar and it is up to Rygar to thwart this evil being’s reign. Still interested? Do you even know what this game is? Ok. Rygar used a flying disk that was attached to his arm quite like the way we see Kratos use his weapons of destruction. This warrior is legendary and it would be awesome to he see him kick ass in a fantasy movie.

I mulled over this pick of who should star as Rygar for some time and then it hit me. Didn’t Jake Gyllenhaal star in the Prince of Persia movie? You bet your ass he did and the movie was well…okay I thought it was good. Not only is Jake a great actor but the guy can put on some serious muscle for what would no doubt be an action role. I am almost 100% positive they could never talk him into starring in such a role but I mean he did do Bubble boy at one point in his career.



Yes finally some science fiction for everyone. Metroid was released back in 1986 and gave us Samus Aran an ex-soldier of the Galactic Federation who became a bounty hunter. Oh the possibilities. This is one that I think could stray from the story a little and still be fine. The big question is could they do this movie without gobs and gobs of CGI? It doesn’t matter much as long as the main protagonist stayed the same and we get to see Samus do some serious bounty hunter damage on those creepy aliens. This could even be a great space adventure or perhaps more of an origins story type of movie. I would totally be down to see Samus Aran train to become a soldier and then see how she becomes a great bounty hunter.

Spoiler alert! Spoiler alert! If you haven’t played the game that was made all the way back in the 80’s you might want to skip this part. Samus Aran was a female bounty hunter. Yes I know shocking. So who could play such a cool and calm part? This might come as a surprise but this should go to Jane Levy. She was outstanding in Evil Dead and terrifying I must say. Jane also did a great job in Don’t Breathe and I think these intense roles would certainly help her especially if they went with an origins story. I feel she would do a good job of helping the character grow into a total bad ass and honestly nobody would see this coming.

The Legend of Zelda


Is this ever going to happen? The game was released back in 1986 and I know growing up watching it as a cartoon was fantastic. The movie could follow the same premise of trying to stop Ganon by obtaining all the pieces of the Triforce. The game is set in a fantasy land so we could see it go in the direction of the Lord of the Rings movie. Hey is Peter Jackson busy? Seriously though why not give us an epic adventure with one of the most loveable characters of all time in Link? If I am being completely honest I would love for the movie to appear much more like the movie Legend starring Tom Cruise. That type of fantasy world would fit perfectly with Link as he battles goblins and an unnatural force. Keep the movie dark but give it light or humorous moments when necessary. Maybe we should even see if Tom Cruise and Tim Curry are interested.

Just like the movie Legend I think they would need to use someone with a young look and could easily turn on the charm. The perfect fit has to be Tom Holland in this case. He has already proven his acting chops and is certainly on his way with becoming the face of a hero. This role would suite him and I think it wouldn’t be a crazy idea for him to keep his accent as Link. Who would play Princess Zelda though? I got it covered. How about Hayden Panettiere? You know the girl from Until dawn. Oh that girl. She would be another great fit and I could see Tom and Hayden working well together in the land of Hyrule.

Brandon Lee as Ryu Hayabusa has a great ring to it.




Alexander Skarsgard the new face of Contra!



Taylor Kitsch brings the action and the one liners this summer in Contra.






Jake Gyllenhaal stars in another movie but this one is called Rygar.




jane levy
Jane Levy kicks major ass as Samus Aran!




Tom Holland ditches Spider Man to become Link.



Hayden Panettiere is a real princess in The Legend of Zelda


What do you think about these picks? What games or actors would you recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you are a lover of gaming and movies then you have probably thought about at least some of this before. Have a discussion with a friend and reminisce about all the awesome games that could be turned into a movie.