Fans and non-Fans of Hideo Kojima have been anxiously awaiting to see more gameplay of his latest mysterious project Death Stranding since it was first revealed at E3 2016.

While the media drip for DS has been incredibly slow, it’s no secret that Kojima-San is a perfectionist. He’s going to take all the time he can with his projects, publisher deadlines be damned.

In an interview with Japanese website J-Wave, Kojima confirmed that Death Stranding miiiiight be behind schedule just a little bit.

Regarding the release date that Mr. Kojima says, “Many studios lag behind the planned release date,” DEATH STRANDING “has been slightly out of the initial plan, but not much delayed,” he reported progress.

While HK isn’t freaking out about it, I hope this helps fellow fans put the development process in perspective to help them realize that Death Stranding probably ain’t releasing in 2019.

Screenshot this if you must. Just don’t see it happening. Would it be BRAHsome if it did? Oh heck yeah. Too bad it won’t be.

Are you hyped for Death Stranding? Let us know when you think it’ll release!