It’s been talked about. Your arms have been working and at times when they may have felt like Jello. You worked hard to master those songs, but now the challenge you wanted…the content you have been asking for is nearly upon us.

Get ready for the first music pack coming right at you and not only that, but the UI has been updated so you can get a sneak peek at future packs. Do you still have it in you? Well, it looks like the following tracks will be available when that DLC drops and lists the following:

  • We Won’t Be Alone (feat. Laura Brehm) – Feint
  • Boundless – Aero Chord
  • Emoji VIP – Pegboard Nerds
  • Epic – Tokyo Machine
  • Feeling Stronger (feat. Charlotte Colley) – Muzzy
  • Overkill – Riot
  • Rattlesnake – Rogue
  • Stronger (feat. Emel) – Stonebank
  • This Time – Kayzo
  • Till It’s Over – Tristam

Find out when the first music pack called Monstercat Music Pack Vol. 1 comes to Beat Saber on March 14, 2019, to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…