With the recent Days Gone World Tour Press event(s) coming to an end, new information regarding Bend Studio’s open-world Freaker apocalypse have begun to surface prior to the new Hands-on preview articles set to go live on March 6th.

Today’s BRAHsome news comes courtesy of Gamereactor, as they have reported Days Gone will have a meaty 30 hour campaign along with 6 hours of cutscenes!

The team behind Days Gone has revealed to a number of journalists, including Gamereactor’s own, that the main story itself will take about 30 hours to complete. In addition, the game offers a full six hours of “cinematics”, that is, arranged intermediate scenes.
Although Sony Bend would not talk specifically about the size of the world, they said it was “huge” with lots of page activity, so something suggests that Bend spent the time just adding extra content and polishing the entire package.

Freak(er) Yeah!! This doesn’t include the time it will take completing the side missions plus working your way to the Platinum trophy!

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54 more days until Days Gone releases on April 26th. Are you ready, Brah?!?