August 1944 the days of WW2’s hell is unleashed and we get an emotional exclusive announcement to Warsaw a tactical RPG. Developed by Pixelated Milk, Warsaw brings us a look into Poland’s part in the war. The trailer is upfront with the harsh reality of what is at stake. Life will come at you fast and in the game you must band together in order to survive.

The song in the trailer is performed by acclaimed Polish singer, Brodka and the soft but deep tone leave you feeling this on another level.


  • A mix of tactical RPG with a touch of strategy
  • Team and equipment management
  • A deep system of interlocking skills
  • Flanking, cover, positioning, weapon range and ammo consumption – all need to be taken into account during firefights
  • A fully realized city to traverse
  • Leave the safety of your hideout to scout the streets, collect resources, recruit new members, and engage with enemy assailants