Created by: Solo Indie developer Jakub Hakiel

Goal: $26,136

Ada the action RPG is a story driven single player 2D pixel game set in a dangerous open world. While exploring the world you will come across random encounters, traveling merchants, ghouls, monster lairs and much more. The combat is frantic and fast paced and the enemies are a challenge so you must stay alert at all times.

Ada Kickstarter


  •  Explore vast and cruel open world crafted pixel by pixel with passion and love, find all secrets scattered across the land (and water),
  •  Fight your way through hordes of diverse enemies with unique behavior and design, be prepared, observe, adapt and survive,
  •  Meet interesting characters, immerse yourself in their storylines, fulfill your promises or betray them, experience how they change as story gets more intense,
  •  Collect skills, equip and upgrade your favorite ones, forge your character in unique way,
  •  Brew potions and other powerful consumables, forage land for ingredients to combine into useful items,
  •  Be prepared for the unexpected, world around you is constantly changing and you never know what you will run into, be it at night or day time.

The game will get an initial release on PC with consoles at a later date.


Chained Echoes

chained Echoes

Created by: Matthias Linda

Goal: $68,040

Chained Echoes is a 16 bit fantasy RPG with mechs and airships. In this fantasy adventure game you will control a group of heroes that not only have mechs and airships but also the power to channel magic. The classic style game is story driven but will feature fast paced combat over a vast world. Upgrade your characters in order to sway the turned based combat battles in your favor.

Chained Echoes Kickstarter

Key Features:

  • 20-25 hours of play time
  • Fast paced turn-based battles
  • No random encounters; enemies can be seen running around
  • Tons of items to be looted, stolen or crafted
  • Complex skill and equipment system
  • Customize your own airship
  • Travel and fight by foot or in your Mech
  • 16-bit SNES style graphics
  • Music inspired by PSX RPGs

Chained Echoes is set to release on PC with consoles at a later date if the stretch goals are met.


Tower Princess


Created by: AweKTeaM

Goal: $34,020

Tower Princess is a 3D platformer that has seen an evil dragon take prisoner every royal heir. It is up to you to storm the dungeon and rescue the princess. Each knight that dares to enter the dungeon will be generated randomly and well this game is full of secrets, combat styles, and upgrades. Not only will the knight be random but within the dungeon it’s halls and corridors will change with each new entry that will surely make this a challenging game. Don’t worry though you can play Tower Princess with a friend!

Tower Princess Kickstarter


  • Be one of the random humdrum knights and knightesses and manage the perfect date while storm the dungeon.
  • Feel again the essence of the 3D classical platformer
  • Rogue lite with procedural dungeon, princesses, bosses, enemies, traps, abilities that make each gameplay unique
  • Tower Princess is planned for release Q1 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


Wubin Adventures


Created by: Spirance Studio

Goal: $17,010

Wubin is a 2D side scrolling adventure game that sees a young boy separated from his classmates on a school trip. After finding shelter you soon find yourself lost inside an underground world and the only way out is to solve puzzles. Wubin will face a variety of creatures along with puzzles and sometimes riddles in his journey through the darkness. The game consists of 18 large levels and is ready to test the sharpest of minds.

Wubin Adventures Kickstarter


  • Music using the Tao & Sound creative music solutions
  • Pushable objects for hard to reach places or puzzle solving
  • Throwing objects in order to switch levers, solve puzzles or distract creatures
  • Moving objects aimed at starting mechanisms
  • Mechanical traps
  • Swimming and climbing
  • Mechanical puzzles

Wubin Adventures will release on Steam with consoles coming at a later date.


A Crooked Heart

Created by: Matt Tardiff

Goal: $ 8,000

You are Lulu a Welsh Pembroke Corgi the heroine of this animated video game. This story is about love, sacrifice, revenge and I must say a cute little hero. The cute characters will make you want to back this project alone but the awesome animation videos help just as much.

A Crooked Heart Kickstarter

Check out some of the gameplay features.

Game play

Character interaction

  • Flesh out how Lulu interacts with enemies.  This includes everything from passive to aggressive on both parts.
  • This is important because I’ve often come up with animations that I thought were cool then tested in the engine and realized it wasn’t as responsive as I hoped.
  • Cinematics
  • This is a tough one because there has to be a healthy balance of cut scenes and game play.  I can’t say much about this at the moment with how much things change along the way.
  • Puzzles, obstacles and story must achieve a proper balance
  •  The story, animation and characters give the player a reason to care.
  • The puzzles and obstacles engage their problem solving skills to help the character achieve her goal.
  • The player has to feel involved with each part.The game is set to release on PS4, Steam, Switch and Xbox One.

Thanks for checking out some of these awesome looking games in development. If you happen to back any of these games let us know.