Many 3rd party developers have talked about how easy it has been this generation getting their games on the PlayStation family of consoles due to the PlayStation Partner program.

Unfortunately it looks as if one team has fallen through the cracks. Developer Play Spirit Games REALLY want to bring The Cooking Game VR to the PSVR. They have had an absolute terrible time getting any response from Sony and are ready to throw in the towel.

Hello guys, I would like to share our journey with Playstation Partner program application so far.

• Dec 2017- First application submitted to PS- no response.

• Jan 2018- Emails sent to with enquiry about our application status. No response.

• Jan 2018 – We suspected our application might be overlooked or there might be issues with submission form. Re-submited. Again no response from Sony despite receiving an email from Sony saying “SIE will review your application and will inform you upon completion.”

• From remaining period of 2018, we have not heard and received an email from PS regarding our application status. We have moved on with development on other platforms and other projects.019- after launching the game on Oculus Go platform and receiving positive feedback, as well as getting consistent enquiries on our Twitter about whether/when the game will be launched on PSVR, we thought on giving it another try.

• Jan 11th, 2019- Another application submitted to PlayStation partner. This time we elaborated more on the responses/enquiries we received from players about PSVR porting, recent launch on Oculus GO etc…

• Again same thing happened. No response provided.

• Feb 10, 2019- email sent to wrt application status.

• So far zero response from Sony.

Could someone here tell us what’s going on? We are getting tired of this situation. TBH we are very close to giving up the idea of porting to PSVR. Is our small indie game too insignificant to even be considered a reply from the support team? Does Sony want indie developer to go through begging/pleading to even get a response? Anyway this could be our last resort before we completely ditch the idea of PSVR porting.

What do you think, Brah? Is Sony doing a bad job keeping in contact with smaller devs or are they too busy gearing up for the PS5? Voice your opinion in the comments below.