Sony, unlike some other publishers in the gaming industry, have no issue dropping the price on their biggest exclusives to help put more copies in homes. Marvel’s Spider-Man has now joined the club and is now available at the BRAHtastic price of $39.99!

If you missed out on Spidey’s BRAHsome adventure last year OR you’ve been waiting to grab it at a discount price, then now’s your chance!!

Here’s the link to the PlayStation Store if you need the digital version or if you need that physical copy for your collection get it at Gamestop or get an additional 20% off at Best Buy if you still have a GCU membership. If Amazon is your bae then here’s the link for Jeff n’ Pals.

Just a reminder though, I’m sure there will be some kind of Game of the Year edition for the game, so if you need the complete package I would wait a month or two.