What if this scene of 1991’s Point Break happened a little different? What if instead of FBI Agent Johnny Utah was thrown into the mix with Bhodi and the rest of the gang robbing a bank, but instead, that Johnny Utah showed up to the scene and there just happened to be a more Ex-Presidents than once anticipated? Does Developer Sumalab give us what it’s like to go all Point Break in a situation? Let’s find out with Crisis VRigade for the PlayStation VR.

There I was just coming out of a phone booth that seemed like a different time with a gun in my hand using a police vehicle as a barrier of protection from gunfire. Off in the distance was a billboard with a sign that said Trainer VR and I thought to myself, if this SWAT job wasn’t really for me, then I could always retire and go with my real passion of model trains and become the best model train desiner in the world. Regardless, I had a mission to stop these criminals who were wearing masks and try to survive.

As you can probably guess, in Crisis VRigade, you are playing as a member of a SWAT team and as you can see, it’s up to you to try and help take care of a situation of terrorists and become the hero and hopefully receive a key to the city that you have always read about.

When you first start out, you are in your local station. I had to look around as I noticed two “agents” were talking and one was at his desk. I put “” around agents for a few reasons. One, if there is a hostage/bank robbery going on, why are those two talking. What could they possibly be talking about at a time like this. And notice when I caught them two talking how the woman officer starts to nod like she is agreeing to some type of activity that she is going to get busted for. And notice the agent at the computer, what could he possibly be so fascinating on that screen at a crisis like this and why is he moving so suspiciously calm? I didn’t have time for these questions now, I had a key to go earn.

You will also notice you have two modes, Rookie and Hell. The Rookie mode is probably where you want to start. In Rookie mode, you have a little forgiveness on the times you get shot (just be too careful they are not all headshots), while Hell mode is like if you didn’t have any coffee and you were working all night to have to go straight into action. You also have a choice of using the DualShock 4 controller, both Move controllers or the Aim controller. I had to go with the Aim controller and let me tell you, everything from the aiming to being able to look down the sites, it works awesome.

But one thing to keep in mind is that you want just a little bit of room as you will be leaning, ducking, and peaking over and around corners, so you can make those shots count. Each game starts out the same where you are outside the building, but once you get inside and past the second room, you are able to decide which path you want to go to which I do really like. I know a couple of times that when I died, I selected a different path just to be able to play from a different angle and this really is a nice touch that the Developer added.

As you move room to room, you will see power-ups that include slowing time and health as well as icons that represent different weapons, that once shot, gives you that weapon. Each one had its own look to it as well as fired a little differently than the previous one, but I can see where some may say they may not see much of a difference between them. But again I will say that when using the Aim controller, it all felt pretty sweet.

There are some things that I would love to be added. I would love to see some type of leaderboards. To see who amongst us can get the furthest in the quickest amount of time would add that challenging fun. I would love to see co-op online play. I know it’s not needed, but that still would be pretty awesome to go in with one of your friends. And the last thing I would love to be added is different types of crisis situations from different parts of the world, for example, Russia, Mexico or even Norway. When you start adding the dramatic music, the gunfire, the dodging, the challenge of the fight along with the precise aiming of the Aim controller and the immersion of Virtual Reality, Crisis VRigade helps brings that arcade action home.

Crisis VRigade is out now. A review copy was provided. To learn more about Sumalab, please visit their site.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I am going to back in to see how much more damage I can do.