Break out the Rubik’s cube and hone your skills because you’re about to need it. That is if you enjoy playing puzzle platformers such as this one. Etherborn puts you in a dream state with its sleek look and serene music composed by Gabriel Garrido Garcia.

You play as a voiceless being in a mysterious world that is being drawn to a location by a voice that is unknown. Coming in the spring of 2019 Etherborn will no doubt test your skills of solving puzzles but it’ll do it in an almost elegant way.

 The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and PC.


  • Gravity-shifting platforming and exploration
  • Navigation based puzzles based on your unique sense of gravity
  • Surreal levels in an atmosphere inspired by artists of the 20th-21st centuries
  • Dynamic and captivating original soundtrack tailored to each level