Fear The Wolves launches today out of early access on Steam and will be free to play for the next seven days. It would appear that Vostok Games is pretty confident that you will enjoy the game with an added 50% off for anyone that purchases the game within that time frame. We’ve been keeping up with Fear The Wolves for some time now and to see a developer so open to gamer feedback is refreshing. The release will bring with it an update version 1.0 with a variety of changes including new artifacts that give you crazy new powers.

In the new update when you pick up the artifacts The Wolf Heart and The Spore you will be able to control the wolves or see through walls. These artifacts are very difficult to obtain but put a unique twist on the battle royale game.

Check out the release trailer below and let us know what you think.


-  Brutal FPS battle royale in the irradiated remains of Chernobyl. 

-  20+ weapons with dozens of attachments, across a wide variety of effective ranges and situations, including melee 

-  Radiation spreads dynamically from area to area, and can be survived with the right gear 

-  PvE elements keep each match different, with wolves, mutants, and other hazards a constant danger 

-  Finish matches in style with the final battle around the extraction helicopter