One of the biggest Gaming events of 2018 had to be when Sony announced their Cross-platform play “beta” initiative, as Fortnite became the very first fully multi-console cross-play game on the PlayStation 4.

Since then, things have progressed..rather slowly. The second game to join the beta was Rocket League last month. The next will be Dauntless from developer Phoenix Labs, a free-to-play inspired by Monster Hunter which releases in April.

The biggest issue with Sony’s beta? All the new/existing games being updated/released with cross-play that won’t feature PS4 support. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid releases in April with cross-play support but not on the PS4. Paladins, Smite, and Realm Royale will all have cross-play…and yet again, the PS4 is currently not a part of their cross-play pie.

Now War Thunder dev Gaijin Entertainment has directedly called out Sony, wanting to know why they’re being left out of all the cross-play fun on the PS4. messaged Gaijin Entertainment regarding their tweet about Sony’s cross-play program and were given this statement:

From its initial release on PlayStation 4 as a launch title, War Thunder was a cross-platform game. One of the first on the console’s new generation. After the release on Xbox One, it still is. PC users can play together with their PlayStation 4 or Xbox One friends, and the only cross-play which is not available is between the two consoles. We asked Sony for it multiple times, before the Xbox One version launch and when the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta was announced, but we haven’t received clearance yet. Technically War Thunder is ready to become a fully cross-platform title, as it was designed to be from the very beginning

Does Sony care about the smaller titles? Perhaps they’re already in negotiations but Gaijin doesn’t appreciate Sony’s slow pace? Who knows, though more cross-platform play enabled games on the PS4 will always be appreciate by us here at The PlayStation Brahs.

What games would you like to see join Sony’s cross-play beta?