Hyper Jam

Developer: Bit Dragon

Publisher: Bit Dragon

Release Date: February 12, 2019 – PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One

This fast paced multiplayer brawler is ready to beat its way into your rotation. Gain perks, weapons and destroy the competition in numerous arenas that pose dangers as well. Dish out the most damage and survive at all costs in order to win the round. This nonstop action game just might be what you and your friends are looking for.

Degrees of Separation

Developer: Moondrop

Publisher: Modus Games

Release Date: February 14, 2019 – PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

The 2D platformer boasts some beautiful colors along with an intriguing style of gameplay. You play as Ember and Rime two characters that have the power to control heat and cold. They must use their powers together in order to solve unique puzzles across non-linear levels. With a great narrative story by video game writer Chris Avellone, Degrees of Separation is shaping up to be a memorable game. You can grab a friend in co-op gameplay and tackle the puzzles as a team.


Developer: Zaxis Games

Publisher: EuroVideo

Release Date: February 28, 2019 – PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

Fimbul the action adventure game set right before Ragnarok displays a fantastic comic book art style. You will play as an old berserk who will battle enemies on his way to reclaim an ancient artifact that may possess the power to save Midgard. Norse mythology? Ragnarok? Brutal fights as a Viking? Where is my sword and shield? See some of the awesome fights in the release trailer and check out that hand to hand combat. Oh my. Maybe this game should be called, “Here comes the blood” because well…Vikings.

Away: Journey to the Unexpected

Developer: Aurelien Regard Games

Publisher: Playdius Entertainment, Plug In Digital

Release Date: February 5th, 2019 – PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and February 13th on PC

This game looks to take you away on an unexpected journey alright. The first person oddball game sets you as a kid that is in no way a hero. Here you will travel around a 3D world with crazy characters and strange looking enemies to beat with a stick. The game is more about the fun journey with its quirky story. With the ability to recruit allies for your adventure and the weirdness that surrounds the game everyone should keep an eye out for this one. Check out 10 minutes of gameplay below and get ready to scratch your head.


Developer: Eastshade Studios

Publisher: Eastshade Studios

Release Date: February 13, 2019 – PC

Eastshade has yet to announce a console release date but is said to soon follow. It was imperative this be added to the list however for its beautiful gameplay and outstanding sounds. You will get to play in this open-world adventure game as a traveling artist that is more about the experience more than anything. Meet the locals, find and craft items, paint the world you see, discover the outcomes of your actions all in a gorgeous first person setting. Here is to hoping we get a console release date soon.