Imagine the break of an Apocalypse where a city once full of life has a different form of life about to take over. Zombies and monsters have been unleashed. Can you stop them?

Features include:

  • Enemies so gruesome that you will face with iconic weaponry and explosives so powerful.
  • Dismember the undead to give yourself a fighting chance, and experience every putrid lung burst, every rotten bone shatter with the infamous X-ray Kill Camera.
  • Gut-wrenching gunplay
  • Defeat harrowing legions of zombies, armored monsters, fire demons, chainsaw-wielding elites.
  • Shred the undead with genre-best rifle ballistics, powerful firearms, and deadly explosive traps.
  • Wince as your bullets shred the insides of the undead in gruesome detail.

Do you have what it takes to help get rid of what has been unleashed? Can you surive? Find out when DeadLand VR comes to PlayStation VR on February 1, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…