If you are are still holding off for that sweet price point or maybe you know someone who would love PlayStation VR as a gift with Valentines and I am sure someone’s Birthday is coming up…oh Graduation will be coming before you know it or even save yourself the hassle for Christmas of 2019, it seems there is a deal that I am not sure how long it will last, but it is the PlayStation VR bundle with Astrobot and Moss for only $219.99.

Now, this is from eBay, but these are listed as new and there are more than 10 available, plus you always have that eBay buyers protection. This bundle comes with the newer PlayStation VR headset which means you get that HDR passthrough and the headphones are connected to the headset, and you also get the PlayStation VR camera. This is actually a pretty good deal since on Amazon they are going for $275.