Limited Run Games have truly mastered the art of releasing small print runs of indie games the past few years. Gamers have been given the chance to own physical copies of titles that might have never happened otherwise.

So when SIE, Naughty Dog, and Limited Run Games announced PS4 versions of the Jak and Daxter Trilogy, I was a bit shocked that such a popular PlayStation series would be getting such a limited release. Jak and Daxter was gone in a heartbeat late last year, as we expect the same to happen when Jak II releases this Friday the 25th.

Jak II will be limited to 7500 copies, which will release in two batches: one at 10AM EST and the other at 6PM EST.

If the standard edition is too basic for you, then perhaps you need the COLLECTOR’S EDITION for $84.99 with all these JAKTASTIC GOODIES!!

A tip or two to those thinking of trying to obtain a copy: make sure you’re already logged-in to! If you’re using PayPal for payment, make sure you have one-step sign-in to achieve fastest payment possible. The final step? Prey to whatever religion you worship. Sometimes it feel like you pulled off a miracle when you’re able to grab a copy of a Limited Run release.

Will you be trying your luck for a copy of Jak II? Let us know in the comments below.