With only 99 days until the release of Days Gone, the PlayStation Hype Train for Bend Studio’s first new IP in almost two decades has left the station, ready to naw away at your wallet.

If you missed the trailer from earlier, don’t worry. I got you chief. If you’re into pre-ordering your most anticipated games, then Bend Studio is happy to reward you with free upgrades for doing so!

Too lazy to watch the 30-second trailer? Here’s what you get:


Pre-ordering off the PlayStation Store will score you the ‘Sawmill’ dynamic theme along with the goodies above.

If you want to go all the way, true Sony Pony style, then this Collector’s edition is for you, Brah!!

For $139.99, you get this smorgasburg of goodies, including Deacon St. John chillin’ by his buddy ‘Freaky the Freaker’.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!! You also get:

  • Days Gone steelbook case.
  • 6 Days Gone collector pins.
  • Physical & digital mini-art book.
  • Physical & digital original soundtrack.
  • Days Gone sew-on patch.
  • 4 Days Gone decals.

Plus the pre-order bonuses I mentioned above. You can pre-order on Amazon if you like.

What if you’re all about that digital life? Then download the Digital Deluxe edition for $69.99!

  • Days Gone digital edition.
  • Days Gone digital mini artbook.
  • Days Gone digital soundtrack.
  • Days Gone Digital soundtrack.
  • Three Drifter bike skins.
  • Money wrench skill early unlock.
  • Deacon vs the Horde dynamic theme.

What do you think, Brah? Are you excited for Days Gone? Get ready to survive the wilderness of Oregon on April 26th.