From Blowfish Studios and E404 Game Studios comes a game that brings up some fond memories for me called Obey Me. I wrote a book years ago about Angels and Demons, it wasn’t quite like the story we have here with a battle between Heaven and Hell but it’s reminiscent of the story. In this 3D brawler set in the modern world you become Vanessa Held and along with her companion Monty you must uncover the truth behind a conspiracy to save the souls of mankind.

In Obey Me you can team up with Co-Op play or fight solo with your companion Monty by your side. Defeating enemies will allow you to upgrade Vanessa’s weapons and Monty’s transformations so you can kick as much ass as possible. The quick combat and frantic pace looks fantastic on screen and will no doubt make for some intense battles with hordes of enemies such as angelical machines. I mean seriously, who doesn’t want to fight angelical machines?

The game gives me vibes of Stories: The path of destinies from the quick combat and the camera angles. Also the flashy crisp colors in the game have the same feel to it and who doesn’t like the comic book narrative style.

Obey Me is coming to PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One and PC in Q3 2019.

Game Features

– Play on your own or with a friend and experience an immersive story with unique and intriguing characters.

– Fight along side Monty, your partner, combining your attacks and breaking havoc.

–  Use different weapons, each having their own combos and special abilities to take down your foes. 

–  Upgrade your weapons and Monty’s transformations using the souls of fallen enemies.

– Explore a decayed city to know more about this world and find secrets to increase your chance of survival.

Will you join the battle between Heaven and Hell? Let us know in the comments below.