Brah. Us Gamers don’t always agree on everything but I KNOW we can all agree that EA has had a shittastic experience with the Star Wars license.

Gamers raged over the fact that Battlefront didn’t feature a single-player mode. The whole community raged over Battlefront II’s progression system to the point that DICE had to completely scrap it and start over.

Then they canceled Amy Hennig’s ‘Ragtag’ Star Wars game, closed Visceral Games, then sent the remnants to EA Vancouver to help form their own open-world Star Wars game.

Now Kotaku is reporting that EA has scrapped ‘Orca’, the project which had you playing as a Scandrel/Bounty exploring as series of open-worlr planets. The higher ups at EA worried about the development timeline, canceled it, and are now focusing on a new next-gen Star Wars project to release in 2020.

While there’s still hope with Respawn’s Fallen Order project, EA has failed the Star Wars license. When will Disney part ways with them? They have FAILED THE FORCE!!!

Who do you think should take a swing at the Star Wars license?