There is a secret in town and no one is going to believe you, without evidence that is. Join a group of friends and uncover the haunting truth in this first person co-op horror game. The Blackout Club is developed by Question and this game is certainly raising a lot of questions along the way. With terrifying figures and dark beings all around the ultimate goal is to expose to the world what is going on in your town. You will need to team up with up to four friends and sneak around town investigating the creepy intruders. Armed with a cell phone and makeshift weapons along with other items this will be a true test of teamwork.

The game is said to have procedurally generated locations so you will not be able to seek out the same loot you just googled. Each night is treated like a mission and you will need to prepare in order to survive. Even though the game is multiplayer you can choose to tackle this one solo but why would you want to do that? Bragging rights?

In The Blackout Club strange beings will chase you around and with tactical teamwork or just running for your life, you can escape them together. However there is a being in the game that isn’t to be trifled with and it’s called the “Shape”. This is the boogeyman of the game and for players that appear to have a knack for causing trouble (meaning if you are good at the game) the shape will seek you out. So basically if you are gaining a lot of experience with kicking ass the shape takes notice and that means bad things for your group. This is a very cool mechanic to the game and should play into how you strategize. Another cool thing is the shape cannot be seen with the naked eye so good luck when he arrives on the scene.

The Blackout Club is out in early access for the PC and is going to be available on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox sometime this year, possibly soon. What do you think about the horror co-op game? Will you team up with your friends or try to uncover the truth solo?

Check out early access trailer.

Or check out some gameplay with commentary.