Since releasing back in 2013, The Last of Us has gone on to become of the most popular PlayStation exclusives ever. Loved by critics and gamers alike, the game has won over 200 GOTY awards while selling 17 million plus copies across the PS3 and PS4.

So when Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us Part II at the end of the PSX 2016 press conference, fans of the series went wild. They want to play it now. Unfortunately, ‘now’ in our minds is 2020, but according to one ex-IGN Editor, TLoUPII is ‘100%’ releasing in 2019!

Alanah Pearce worked at IGN for 3 years before she left for to join Rooster Teeth. With IGN being one of the biggest sources for gaming around, we’re sure she has heard all kinds of interesting information. In a conversation with some of her followers, she dropped these two tweets which have since been deleted:

I’m skeptical. If you go to Naughty Dog’s career listing page, there’s currently 32 available jobs to apply for. Rumors have it they have a second team working on another game. So some of these jobs could potentially be working for that team at some point.

Another reason we think the game won’t arrive this year is you see members of the cast (plus dogs!!) still working on mo-cap for MAJOR scenes. Add this all up and The Brah honestly believes The Last of Us Part II won’t hit the PS4 until early 2020, then be re-released on the PS5 as the Ultimate Edition or what not.

What do YOU think, Brah? Will we be experience the greatness of Naughty Dog’s latest epic in 2019 or do we have another year of development to wait on? Let us know in the comments!