Society has often taught us to try and better ourselves. Strive for something greater. No other day resounds louder than December 31st because it is the day everyone makes their resolution list. Well maybe some of the more go getter types make it sooner or if you are like me it usually comes a week after New Year’s Eve. Not this year. Oh no…not this year. Today is the day we talk about some of the things we want to see happen in 2019. Perhaps it is a reveal of a new game or maybe it is something you feel the developers incorporate in their games to take advantage of gamers. Whatever it may be, today should be the day we hash this out. Here is my top 5 gaming resolutions (wishes) for 2019

5. Less Microtransactions

This is a topic I have talked about before but one that I haven’t expressed how much I dislike its use in games. There has always been one truth in gaming to me, when you earn something within a game, you earned it. Of course we all know about cheating your way to the top by way of codes or other means but it never felt as satisfying when you used such things. The same is felt when someone purchases something within a game, it doesn’t feel deserved or earned. I want that feeling of accomplishment just like when I finally earned Aloy’s Shield Weaver Armor. It was a cool moment, one I wouldn’t have experienced if purchased. Also, there have been games broken by this system (Star Wars Battlefront 2) that had to revamp itself from so much backlash. No game should be pay to win, period. If there is a special item that cannot be earned within the game without purchasing it then I want no part of that game. Game developers should not sacrifice the games integrity for the almighty dollar but I understand that at the end of the day it is a business. I am not saying to cut out microtransactions altogether but I definitely want to see them take a back seat in gaming for a while.

4. More Indie games for consoles

What a year for Indie gaming. We got games like Dead Cells, Celeste, Mutant Year Zero, Desert Child, The Banner Saga 3, Moonlighter, Death’s Gambit and many more. I know what you are thinking. I just said it above…like right up there. I’ll say it again, what a year for Indie gaming. So why should we expect more in 2019? Because, Indie games push the boundaries of creativity. The developers can be enticed to take a little bit more of a risk when creating something unique. You won’t get the 300th edition of a sports game but instead we will get something like Sea of Solitude a thought provoking game that sees you turn into a monster. It looks fresh and amazing. Or perhaps you enjoy the resurgence of pixel art. Well what about Children of Morta with its procedurally generated levels and stellar character design? That is coming in 2019. We need the Indie developers to keep pushing the envelope with some of these games. Keep making unique and gorgeous games to keep pressure on the big game developers that don’t mind regurgitating the same garbage year in and year out. Console is where we need these games. Indie developers need to be able to reach a wider audience and this can happen with more games coming to consoles. I hope we see a big push of Indie games on consoles this year and that we get even more of these games in the game of the year discussion in 2019.

3. Secret Project Reveal

A secret project? Like what? A new game? A new console? Well, it could be any of these or something even greater. The gaming community needs a bombshell in 2019. We all love surprises and we all love seeing those awesome game reveals so why not reveal a secret project to blow us away. Perhaps a new gaming console other than the big boys shocks us or we get some out of this world gaming project years in the making. The imagination is limitless and we can all dream up things that we want but it needs to happen. It would be so cool to see some new console design come out that would push Sony and Microsoft. As a gamer that enjoys being shocked by new things in gaming I for one hope we get something in 2019 that is truly revolutionary.

2. PlayStation 5 Reveal

I said it…I am not taking it back. Can we please put this thing to bed in 2019? Will Sony please show us what the PS5 will feature and when it will release? I love speculation just as much as the next person but I need the goods. It could be a long shot for next year but some believe we will get more on the PS5 in 2019. Hell I have even seen people out there stating it is coming in 2019. This is where I would normally have some clever GIF showing that whoever said that was clearly insane. It would certainly be a shame to wait until 2020 to see what we will be working with but I could see it happening. I don’t think Sony is in a rush to give us new hardware just yet. It is coming but as long as the PS4 keeps churning out the profits we will probably have to wait for the juicy stuff.

1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake, Death Stranding

What do we want? Both of these! When do we want them? Right now! Two games that gamers have been waiting on for some time now. The Final Fantasy 7 remake is one of the most anticipated games ever. I know Resident Evil 2 fans…I know. Trust me I will have that game on release day. However, the craze for Final Fantasy 7 has been like no other from the first reveal trailer to this day. Go look it up, I’ll wait. Yeah people are still talking about this game and they want answers now. Not tomorrow, not next week, they want them now. I don’t blame them, it has been a very long wait for this game and some people are even starting to wonder if it will ever see the light of day (It will). M y prediction is that when the Final Fantasy 7 release date is announced it will be trending #1 on Twitter within a matter of minutes. Yeah it’s that big.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for Death Stranding. Oh no…no don’t you even think about saying a negative word about how long we’ve waited for this game. Hideo Kojima was able to obtain the services (as if his name alone wasn’t enough) of Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro among others to create something so bizarre, so undeniably strange that none of us has any idea what the hell is going on in the trailers. Little info has come out about the game and we have more footage now but for the most part I think we are all still perplexed by this one. By now we all know about the P.T demo and how disappointing it was to learn it wasn’t happening. Then Hideo Kojima like a phoenix rising from the ashes revealed this new game that was going to blow everyone away and so far it has, we just don’t know why. That is why I think this one is special. The unknown. The uncertainty. We know of the legendary director\writer, we know the stellar cast but what we don’t know is what the game is about. It looks gorgeous, it appears dark and mysterious. The intrigue has us wanting it more and more. The long wait has the anticipation growing. I for one believe this game is going to shock us down to our core. The only question now remains…when?

What do you want to see in 2019? Does any of the above intrigue you? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy New Years my friends. If you haven’t watched these trailers in a while you might as well go ahead and treat yourself!