Brah! Well all knew it was going to happen. A re-release of Persona 5 with new additional content. It’s what Atlus does, ya know? We’re ok with that. P5 is one of the BEST JRPGs The Brah has played in years. The rumors have been swirling for months.

Now it has FINALLY been revealed. Persona 5 R is happening. Enjoy this teaser. Then wait until March 2019 for more information.

Now we can speculate! What about the Switch version? When will it release? How many special editions will it have? Will Morgana still tell me to go to bed all the damn time? Will anime tiddies be censored this time due to recent policy changes at PlayStation?!

WE DEMAND ANSWERS!!!! Which we will hopefully get in March.

Don’t let us down, Atlus. Or we won’t buy your game.***

Ha. That’s a joke. We still totally will.