2019 is right around the corner and at this moment Top10, Top 20 or top whatever lists are being written. Hell, most of the major lists have already been written and published. That is what the end of the year excitement is all about, either looking back or looking forward. This list we will take a peek forward at some Indie games that have us hyped for 2019.



Genesis Alpha One


Cloning aliens in space…nice.

Developer: Radiation Blue

Release Date January 29, 2019

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

For fans of space exploration this game should be on your list for 2019. As captain of a starship you will be farming resources, combating alien lifeforms, cloning lifeforms and experimenting with DNA. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? The fun continues as you explore a randomly generated universe in search of a new home. Building space stations and upgrading your ship is a must in order to defend against hostile aliens. This sci-fi space adventure is a must play in 2019.

Jenny LeClue Detectivu

Jenny is sure to uncover some spooky truths

Developer: Mografi

Release date: Q1 2019

PlayStation 4, Switch, PC

Playing as a small detective Jenny must take on the most important case of her life, her own mother is accused of murder and she must find out the truth. There is a free mobile version that lets you play a small part of the game and it was excellent. Searching for clues in order to solve a crime never played so well. The cartoonish look of Jenny LeClue is fantastic but don’t let the cuteness fool you because the game can be a little harsh on the player as every choice you make in the game will have an impact on the outcome. If you love detective work then this little gem should be added to your list. Bring on the puzzles!


Generation Zero

An 80’s style machine takeover.

Developer: Avalanche Studios

Release date: 2019

PlayStation, PC

Get ready for some guerrilla warfare against machines that have crossed the line. Set back in the 80’s Generation Zero is making an attempt to give us a co-op experience to remember. You and up to three of your friends come back from a trip to find out that your home town has been taken over by machines. But why? How did it all happen? That is for you to find out and there will be plenty of ways for you to combat these invaders. Not only will you be able to loot weapons but you will also be able to upgrade them and check this out, use the environment to your advantage. This Indie title will surely provide plenty of fun co-op moments for you and your friends.


Valfaris brings the pain.

Developer: Steel Mantis

Release date: 2019

PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

From the ashes of Slain: Back from Hell rises Valfaris a heavy metal in your face type of game. This one isn’t for the faint of heart as the space saga is packed full of bloody space monsters. While Slain: Back from Hell was known for its bloody and difficult style of play, Valfaris appears to have upped the ante here and the 2D action-platformer is going to bring a head banging good time…or destroy everything trying.


Get ready for a toe tapping good time.

Developer: Drastic Games

Release date: 2019

PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

When it comes to unique Indie titles Sounfall will definitely fit into that category. The music-driven dungeon crawler looks absolutely stunning. Here you play as Melody who is whisked away on an adventure to a new world, a world of music. In the game you will explore dungeons and traverse the landscape all while trying to stop the return of darkness. Watching some of the gameplay footage will certainly show you why people are calling this a toe tapping good time.


Vane takes you in a wonderful direction

Developer: Friend and Foe Games

Release date: January 15, 2019

PlayStation 4

Vane is one of those games that when you see it for the first time you know you must own the game. The gameplay is reminiscent of Journey and the ever changing world looks to perhaps bring some intriguing art style. The game looks beautiful and being able to fly around as a bird is really awesome to see. The feeling here is that Vane will give us an amazing heartfelt adventure but only time will tell.

Sea of Solitude

Kay must find her way.

Developer: Jo-Mei Games

Release date: 2019

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Sea of Solitude appears to be a soul searching game due to the loneliness turning everyone into sea monsters. Surely there is a deep meaning behind all of this but dang does this game look stellar. Kay must search her way back to her true form or she just might be destined to stay a monster. That is what the journey is about and finding the way back sounds so good. The lighting effects and the textures of this game are gorgeous. If you are ready to experience a spiritual awakening or just play a cool game then this should be on your 2019 list.

Feudal Alloy

Attu is not afraid to swing away.

Developer: Attu Games

Release date: 2019

PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

Feudal Alloy takes me back to the days of old school cartoon artwork such as Sword in the Stone or Robin Hood. This Metroidvania style RPG is bringing forth the charm and it has found its way directly into my heart. The main character Attu was forced from his home by outlaws who attacked his village and now he must find his way back. Explore the medieval world as a fish controlling a robot body and hack your way through bad guys. Not much can top this game as far as beautiful imaginations go. The artwork on the game alone is worth a 10.


The Nordic Shield Maiden is ready for battle.

Developer: Eneme Entertainment

Release date: 2019 (Hopefully)

PlayStation 4, PC

The reveal of Eitr has come and gone yet we still wait for this amazing game. Here you play as a shield maiden who must go on a perilous journey. With a Nordic theme along with its glorious music this Indie title is still one of my most hyped games. The question was asked, “Will it be pixel greatness?” This is what is anticipated for Eitr and if the massive enemies can’t get you excited to pick up a shield then perhaps nothing will.


Children of Morta

The Bergson family is ready for an adventure.



Developer: Dead Mage

Release date: 2019

PlayStation 4, Switch, Xbox One, PC

The Bergson family is waiting for you to join them in 2019. Become part of the pixel family and help them watch over Mount Morta and fight off the mysterious invasion. The game was going to get a 2018 release but the developers wanted everything to be just right. The procedurally generated levels in the game certainly gave the devs a challenge but from recent news it would appear we are in for a treat. With rich family lore, dungeons, demonic creatures, magical elements, a wide variety of weapons and just an amazing look to the game, this should no doubt be high up on your 2019 list. Children of Morta is my most hyped game for 2019 and the thought of getting to know each of the characters has me excited.


What Indie titles are you most excited for in 2019?

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