Brah! The PlayStation Classic has had a rough ride since releasing on December 3rd. PAL versions of games, questionable list of games, and lack of Dualshock controllers have many fans questioning Sony’s decision on releasing it in this current state.

Here’s how you might be able to grab a PlayStation Classic for over 50% off:

  • has the PlayStation Classic for $60, as does Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop.
  • Download the Target cartwheel app. It currently has a 40% off coupon for the PlayStation Classic. Add it to your cart.
  • Attempt to price match the listing in store. We’ve heard reports that some stores still have it for $99.99, while others have it for the $59.99 which is part of the current price cut promotion.
  • If they agree to price match at $59.99 PLUS the 40% off Cartwheel discount, haul ass out of there because you just bought a Playstation Classic for $35.99!
  • (Optional!)IF you have a Target Red card, link it to your Target app account so when they scan the cartwheel code, it’ll automatically complete the transaction.

So there you go! The Brah is going to try his best to nab one using these steps, so wish me luck!

(Update!) Brah! It worked! Here’s the proof! While I can’t promise you it’ll work at your location, it’s certainly worth trying if you really want one.