It’s the 80’s, you are on a skateboard and everything in the world is an obstacle. Welcome to The VideoKid the 80’s edition. The first thing about VideoKid that jumps out to you will be paperboy. Let’s smash some windows and bounce newspapers off everything in sight except you are not slinging paper. No, here you will be frantically tossing out VHS tapes at an alarming rate. That is if you prefer that tactic. Well… there isn’t much of a tactic seeing how you have an endless supply of the tapes. This is where the flaws in VideoKid begin but that isn’t where they end.

The game opens with a well-known 80’s character that hops on his skateboard and is in pursuit of presumably his girlfriend Jessica. Of course along the way is a plethora of nostalgia in the form of pixelated characters. Some will be easy to spot right away and some others fly by so fast you need to see it again. In order to reach Jessica though you will need to traverse on one of the busiest streets you will ever encounter. Dodging cones, cars, people, robots and even the occasional alligator in the sewer you will find VideoKid frustrating to navigate at times when you seemingly get trapped with no way out. That isn’t to say the game isn’t fun. I got plenty of joy jumping over cars or doing tricks off of park benches and let’s not forget all the cool characters you will be trying to spot as you skate along. Unfortunately, after a hand full of rounds that wears off and you are left spamming the button throwing out an endless supply of tapes. There definitely should have been a cap on those as it didn’t really give you any sort of challenge. All you had to do was hit the same button as fast as possible with zero consequence.

You can earn unlockable characters by picking up coins but none of them provide you with any new ability or special trick. They are there just for cosmetic reasons, which is cool as you thumb through and see some of the silly names they have been given but again it doesn’t help the overall game. It would have been great to see each character with some sort of special trick of their own. At least then you would feel like you earned the character. If you are lucky enough to dodge everything and pick up the coins I guess you earned it but it doesn’t feel that way. The moving from three separate lanes on the screen doesn’t always work very well either. At times it is overly sensitive and moves you too many lanes and at other times it doesn’t respond fast enough. This was frustrating when I would have a good run going and enjoying myself only to have my character jump two spaces instead of one and crash into a cone. It happened too often. This and the radius of actually hitting objects definitely need some tweaking.


While The VideoKid 80’s edition is filled with nostalgia and will give you a fun ride it just doesn’t hold up for long. The look and feel of the game is cool as the pixelated characters for the most part are recognizable. There really wasn’t any issue with how the game looked overall. The audio at times could be a little muddled but perhaps it was done on purpose. It was awesome seeing some of the characters and there was some fun had smashing things with all those VHS tapes. There could be tweaks to the game that would certainly make it a little more worth your time but as it stands after the initial “Oh that’s cool” wears off you won’t have much desire to pick it back up.

Rating 5.5 out 10