Flynn: Son of Crimson a successfully funded game on Kickstarter is developed by Studio ThunderHorse an independent developer based in California. This 2D action platformer will not only bring its beautiful pixel-art style to consoles but it is also bringing some Metroidvania elements along with it. The pixel-art is absolutely gorgeous and the combat appears to be as fluid as possible. In this title you are Flynn who was orphaned as a child and has set out to discover his past. While on his journey he awakens the ancient power of Crimson that resides inside of him. A darkness is coming and of course our hero will likely be tasked with dispatching said darkness.

Flynn will be equipped with multiple weapons to combat with and watching him jump about while flailing away at his foes looks fantastic. The pixel beauty doesn’t stop there though as the game will provide an adventure across lands where you can discover ancient mysteries, make unique alterations to the world with an alternate dimension, trade, challenge yourself in the Rustwood coliseum and enjoy a rich story as the game plays out. Flynn must roam the world with his companion Dex in order to uncover the truth behind The Scourge and Zealock. The land is treacherous though and someone is always watching. It will be a tough task to thwart out the evil that has been unleashed upon the land.

It doesn’t take long to fall in love with the look and feel of the game. Seeing that Flynn can wield such weapons as bows, axes and swords should lead to some pretty epic battles. Of course, the Metroidvania aspect of the game is intriguing as well as you see Flynn climbing, jumping, running, grappling and pushing items all with incredible smoothness. With quick combat and the variety of enemies it is sure to provide hours of gameplay.

We can also admire just how amazing this game looks with not only the colors but how the background appears to pop in this game. From greenery, buildings, clouds and mountain ranges the attention to detail here is phenomenal. The character design is also something not to miss as you see Flynn fighting wolves, a giant bird like enemy amongst numerous other creatures all with great clarity.

Call this guy officially hyped for Flynn: Son of Crimson. A great story, elemental weapons, parallel worlds, intriguing characters, amazing pixel-art, music, a lush environment and enemies galore this game is sure to be a can’t miss. Will you go on the adventure with Flynn to uncover the truth and defeat the darkness?

The game is estimated to release in early\mid 2019 on PC and console. You can check out their website Studio ThunderHorse to stay updated with any news about the game.