What if everything you saw was normal? But what if what you thought was normal was actually not? When time may alter itself and it was reported, who would believe who in the story that was being told? But what if there was a group that existed actually investigated the cases being told? One such group does exist and while investigating an Altered World Event case, found the Oldest House in the New York City Subway tunnels. But this is no ordinary place as it breaks the laws of our reality. A place where other dimensions seem to come through. Some say our minds are a tool that has yet to be untapped to its fullest potential and somehow connecting forces of our world. What is the key that we are holding and would you know how to use it? Where does time stop and where does it begin? Do you know where to begin and where to end? Find out when the narration of James McCaffery and Control comes to PlayStation in 2019.

And don’t forget the Twitch stream with lead actress Courtney Hope and Game Director Mikael Kasurinen, where they will discuss the trailer and hopefully be able to answer your questions.

Until then…please enjoy…