If you need some pixel-art goodness in your life then Ominous Relict is just the game for you. The title is currently being developed by a three person team who met via Reddit, isn’t the internet grand. The small team Mirko (Programming), Jurica (Art), Jacob (Audio) plan to finish the game by April and the fans of the pixel should keep an eye out for this one.

Ominous Relict appears to be an adventure\exploring game where your character can punch, jump and sneak his way around. You will be exploring an ancient temple as you try to uncover ancient artifacts that possess mysterious and magical powers.

With dark tones and awesome pixelated backgrounds the game is looking great so far. The tiny adventurer appears right at home while maneuvering around dangerous obstacles such as swinging axes from the ceiling or sneaking his way around other hazards. Watch out for rolling boulders and nefarious looking characters as you search for the treasure because in Ominous Relict danger can be just around the corner.

Currently the 2D pixel-art platformer almost appears to have some maze elements with possible hidden rooms but we will stay updated for more info as the game progresses through development. We do know the game is made to be relatively short so perhaps that will provide us with more than one play through. The developers are planning to show the game at a conference in Croatia so hopefully we will get a look at some of the gameplay or even a trailer. You can follow along as well at their website OminousRelict.com or visit their Twitter page @OminousRelict for updates.

Ominous Relict is planned to be released on PC with keyboard, mouse, controller support and possibly Switch.

Until then, what are those acorns doing in an ancient temple?

What do you pixel-art fanatics think? Will you check out the game once released? Let us know in the comments below.