If you’ve been enjoying Marvel’s Spider-Man the past few months, then you probably know about the whole situation regarding the Raimi suit. Certain f

ans of the game took to social media to harass Insomniac Games for not including it in the main game or the DLC suits.

Boy, did we have a surprise this morning, as Update 1.13 rolled out.. SO DID THE RAIMI SUIT!!!

This 3.725GB update includes this infamous suit from the original Spider-Man trilogy and the following changes:

New Features


  • Added the Webbwe Suit. Happy Holidays!
  • Addressed various additional issues in “Silver lining” DLC pack.


  • Added support for the “Silver lining” story pack.
  • Added “friendly neighborhood” difficulty mode.
  • Added support for creating new game+ save from a new game+ save.
  • New frames and stickers to photo mode.
  • Added 3 new filters to photo mode. (8bit, EGA, and Retro).

Fixes and Updates:

• Addressed an issue where the “A Bit of a Fixer-Upper” Trophy is not awarded after completing all puzzles.

• Addressed an issue where MJ’s initial dialogue in “The Heist” DLC may not play.

• Addressed an issue where some lines of dialogue would be delayed in “Turf Wars” DLC pack.

• Addressed various additional issues.

The final DLC chapter arrives on December 21st, as Silver Sable returns to finish what she started.