Wow…it seems that Dark Eclipse is getting into the Holiday Spirit with even more new content. But I know what you are thinking…what more could possibly be added? Well, let’s take a look at this amazing added content...

  • Owen – A Leader that can channel his Energy Boost ability to muster strength and passively increase his movement speed before unleashing a deadly attack.
  • Sosei – A support Dominator that can sustain lengthy combat and swing the tide of battle by reviving fallen Leaders and healing soldiers, knocking back nearby enemy units in the process.
  • Jysook – An assassin Dominator with explosive abilities who can lay bomb traps around the battlefield and self-destruct to secure crucial kills.

But this is not all. I mean this is the holidays right…the time for giving? From now on, all players who log in to Dark Eclipse will receive daily in-game gifts from SUNSOFT, including Eclipse Points, Player Icons, a Leader and hand skin. And with the most recent update, get ready for even more holiday flair with some extra dash to the in-game persona by picking up a new Yeti hand skin and winter skins for the fan-favorite characters of Veronika, Wuntasto, and Jysook. So what are you waiting for? Get in there and get Dark Eclipse for PlayStation VR now as it’s free or you can get the complete edition on the PlayStation Store.

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In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…