It seems as if the day after Batmam: Arkham Knight was released in 2015, rumors have been up, up, and away that Rocksteady has been working on a Superman game as their next major AAA superhero epic.

Well, three years later Rocksteady has CONFIRMED they are NOT working on a Superman game nor will they make an appearance at The Game Awards 2018.

Seeing as how Sefton is the co-founder of the company, he might know a thing or two. The funny part about this all is that the other rumor floating around is Rocksteady is working on a Justice League game with GaaS elements. Who’s one of the JL trinity? Superman.

So while it might not be a full-blown Man of Steel title, you know that he will most definitely be featured heavily in any Justice League game.

What do you think, Brah? Were you excited about the possibility of a Superman game or does the Justice League rumor make you want to slap on some spandex to fight digital evil??